Friday, June 30, 2006

1 Year Anniversary!!!



Man, how fast does 1 fuckin' year go by!!

My very 1st post 4 this blog, posted on Sunday, 6/19/05, didn't begin 2 set the tone 4 what would follow in the span 0f 365 days.

I would've posted something on that particular day, but I've been real busy gettin' all of my shit straight.

2 b honset, I never thought that I would still b writing this blog 4 so long. After all, it kinda started out as a way 2 vent out my frustrations & such w/ the biz but since then, it has become so much more.

Throughout this year span, I've talked about the strip club biz: the good, the bad, & the ugly.

There have been deaths, tragedies, drama, drugs, new beginings, rebirths, secrets, scandals, missing strippers, & the struggle 2 close'em down.


Some updates r in order.

I'm still working @ 2 different clubs in NC, though things have slowed down since the nice weather has come (It always slows down around this time every year.). I've been thinking about gettin' my own small porn company & even have thoughts of opening my very own strip club someday. I'm even in the process on learning how 2 mix drinks & bartend.

Many girls have come & gone since I started this blog.

Many have retired 4 various reasons.

Many more have gotten pregnant.

A few of the other club workers thatI've worked w/ have come & gone as well.

I didn't realized that I would write so much shit concerning the biz on this lil' blog (Over 140 posts & counting!).

The only thing left 2 do this week is 2 c how I will celebrate my "Blog Anniversary."

I know...

Some of this:

ALOT of this:

A bit of that:

& ALOT of this:


Stay tuned 4 more of my rants & other musings in the future!

C'ya later!

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