Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Stripper Longevity...

The 1 thing that people need 2 know is the stripping, or 4 the "politically-correct," "exotic dancing," is a SHORT TERM CAREER.

I try 2 tell the girls, "Get your $$$ while your body's right, save like Hell, then GET OUT!"


Because stripping is like pro sports, u do it while u r @ your peak, but even the best athletes have 2 RETIRE!

U saw what happened when Michael Jordan came back in the b-ball game. He was NEVER like he used 2 b in his prime.

Now if that can happen to MJ in his carrer, what makes ladies think that they can dance when they r in their 40's & 50's?

I know it sounds f*cked up, but let's get real: Who wants 2 c a grandmaother strip?

If u r gonna do it, do it w/ a goal &/or purpose in mind like, "I'm going to school," or "I'm buying a house," or "I'm saving up to start my own business."

Dancers that have done this have been VERY SUCCESSFUL and have NEVER LOOKED BACK!

Dancers that don't do this, well...

Let's just say that the 1's that r still doing it past their prime, well...'s embarassing.


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