Saturday, August 13, 2005

Strippers, GPD Chief Wray, & Black Cops...

Check this out...

Word on the street is that there's a "hit list" on a select group of Black cops @ The Greensboro Police Department (GPD). Now, I don't mean a "death list" like the one in Dirty Harry's "Deal Pool," but a list of "undesirable" Black cops (undesirable 2 Chief Wray who, rumor has it, is a bigot) that Chief Wray "alledgedly" wants 2 get rid of. Nothing has beed proven @ this point and it's only a rumor so far. I don't know if it's true or not! Now, what does this have 2 do w/ strippers?


I have some "anonymous sources" that have told me that either 1 or more strippers r supposed 2 have a "list" of the targeted Black cops that was "alledgedly" complied on the "alledged" orders of Chief David Wray.

Here's a pic of him:

Once again, at this stage it's only a rumor, not fact, so don't go postal on me! And how did "she" &/or "they" GET this so-called list?

From some cops (a "secret police") that r trying 2 nail the Black 1's!!

Ain't that some sh#t?

Supposedly, they r trying 2 entrap the Black cops on the "list' w/ the strippers in a "sensitive" position (i.e. sexual compromise) so that they can blackmail them. Blackmailing them 2 do what, I don't know. Maybe 2 quit the force, maybe 4 some other stuff.

I just don't know @ this point.

@ 1st, I thought that this was some bullsh#t, but when my "anonymous sources" said that "The Greensboro News & Record" was looking into it, it made me think alittle bit. It all started w/ the suspension of a Black cop, a Lt. James "Hercules" Hinson, who noticed that he was being watched by his fellow officers. Here r some links 2 that story in The N&R Archives:



The N&R hasn't printed anything and other local news media haven't mentioned this so far, so I don't whatzup. Maybe it' s a bunch of lies & bullsh#t.

But then again, maybe it isn't... (Remember The KKK Shooting back in '79, where some cops were supposed 2 have helped The KKK find where the commies were.)

I repeat... At this stage IT'S ONLY A RUMOR! NOT FACT! So don't go & try 2 sue me over this! I'm just tellin' u what I heard!
I'll do some checking around myself 2 c what the deal is. I just heard about this stuff earlier this week, and the only reason I heard about it was that a friend asked me if I knew anything about it.

Stay tuned...


P.S.: I sincerely hope that this IS just a rumor. Because if it isn't we, & I don't mean just strip clubs, I mean SOCIETY IN GENERAL IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE!

Who watches the watchmen...


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