Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When Strippers get preggers...

It never ceases 2 amaze me how fast some strippers can get pregnant when they meet that 1 "f*ckable guy" in their personal lives. I always ask, "Aren't u afraid of getting HIV, or something?" Their response: "Naw, he's clean."


I hope he is 4 YOUR sake... & faithful, 2.

Alot of guys get the girls 2 believe that they r taking them "out of a bad situation" (Stripping, that is). Like they r gonna marry them & lock'em down, or something.

It never happens.

Some guys get a really attractive dancer just 2 "throw a baby up in them" & brag 2 their friends, "I hit that." Like turning them into single moms (Who can no longer dance & make $$$, by the way...), while the guys forget that they brought another life into the world.

They're sorry as Hell...

I tell the girls, "Use that damn condom!" But they say, "I don't like them. I don't like the way it feels inside me."

Like CHILDBIRTH is gonna b a "walk in the park" or something...

Then they wanna say, "He's an assh*le!" or, "He's not helping me at all!" U knew that he was sorry when u were f*ckin' him, now all of a sudden u have a revelation?

Ladies, some words of advice:


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