Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Weekend Gig: Saturday...

Saturday started real slow. We had the Hopkins-Taylor Fight, but it didn't start until late. By the time it started though, we almost had a full house. I still don't believe that Hopkins lost. He beat the Hell out of Taylor, especially in the last 3 rounds. I guess that means only 1 thing: REMATCH!

Anyway, Silky's ex-girlfriend decided to come in. Now Connie, the lady collecting the $$$ knows that single ladies ARE NOT allowed in the club w/o a male escort. Boyfriends, girlfriends, & "significant others" aren't allowed in AT ALL! PERIOD! I don't know why "Butch" (My name 4 her. If you've seen her, u would agree that it's appropriate.) was let in, but it was a move that Connie would regret.

Butch & Silky were in the corner just talking up a storm, w/ Silky visibly upset. Then all of a sudden, Butch straight-up "pimp-slaps" Silky! DAMN! Jay & I were over there in a flash (Jay was observing them as soon as Butch came in.) Now, I told u that I HATE 2 get in-between 2 females in an argument, but this wasn't like the fight @ my other club gig. Silky didn't do sh#t 2 defend herself. I quickly got Silky 2 the dressing room while Jay dealt w/ Butch. Had I not gotten there n time, Butch would have beat the sh#t out of Silky. I guess they had (or have) a "pimp & ho" type of relationship. Butch, 4 some reason, thought she could take on Jay. BIG MISTAKE! She hits him in the gut, then backs away. Jay gives her a crazy look, & then b4 Chuck & I could get over there, POP! Jay lays out Butch w/ 1 punch!

We then took Butch out back so she could get her "steam" back. When Silky found out, she wasn't upset w/ Jay. She said that he hoped that he knocked out some of her teeth (He didn't.) The customers got a kick out of it. Why? Because most guys don't like lesbians coming into the club 2 begin with. Believe it or not, lesbians tend 2 hog all of the dancers 2 themselves. Dave the Manager wasn't upset w/ us but w/ Connie, the woman who collects the entry fee @ the door. Everybody, w/ the exception of myself (I'm still pretty new there), knew what the deal was w/ Silky & her "ol' lady" and everyone thought that Butch was barred. It seems that this wasn't the 1st time something like this had happened.

Everything calmed down and the night turned out pretty good, except 4 the fight. Silky told everybody she was sorry, even though it wasn't her fault. Connie got her ass chewed out, but other than that, everything was OK.

I told y'all that girls r worse than guys in the strip club...


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