Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tiffany Mynx has her 18 year old son, Nate tested & booked for shoot with Alana Evans for her website...

When I first read this (courtesy of, I thought that it was... interesting.

Peep it out below:


"Tiffany Mynx has her 18 year old son, Nate tested & booked for shoot with Alana Evans for her website"

Cynthia Damage writes: Hello Gene, My name is Cynthia. I am Van Damage's wife. I decided to contact you about this gossip shit-storm in hopes that getting it out in the open will get it out of my house. This industry is as saturated with gossip, as you well know, and being as I am not female talent, just a 'porn wife,' I will stop short of stating any opinions here...just the facts. I already shared this sordid news about Tiffany Mynx with my friends at XBIZ, but it is far too disgusting for the editor to print. I read your site fairly regularly and I thought you would be interested in this.

The people involved (the house where it is to be shot, those shooting it, if anyone can pull it together, that is and all the other good ol' boys around town) are having a blast giving my husband a good ribbing for having the bad sense to have shacked up with her over a half decade porn years I think that equals a century.

And yes, he is my legal husband, he was NEVER married to this Tiffany Mynx person, nor did he sire any of the three children with their three different fathers. I have heard gossip to the contrary, so I thought I'd just jot that down.

This is very sad (oops, sorry, that was an opinion...*strike*)...Ms. "Mynx" has three children. Her first recently turned 18. He has been tested and is scheduled to shoot a b/g for $300. (pause there for effect....$300 scene fee....) She has another whose father rescued him years ago, I believe he is an adolescent, and a one year old.

Nate, her son, is also scheduled to meet with LA Direct's Derek Hay for a strategy meeting. That was to be today, but from what I understand, it has become a cluster F***.

This is all orchestrated by his mother, who is to be present for her son's, uh, debut performance.

I don't know that my husband is going to be particularly thrilled with me writing you about this but I support this industry, my friends and those I love in it and their right to work free of prejudice, but I am sharing this with you in hopes that airing it will get the stench of it out of my house. IVan and I feel sad for all of her children and any she may keep having in the future, and we don't feel that this sort of activity should be representative to the outside world of what the people of this industry and their families are like.

Thank you,


A very interesting story 2 b sure, but I don't judge since there r a few "Mom-Daughter" porn combos out there.

So why is this chick so offended by Tiffany bringing in her son? If Tiff had a daughter, would Cyndi talk shit then?

Especially since her hubby is fuckin' other ladies in porn!!

Who knows.

Just 1 more fuckin' day in the "Wonderful World of Adult Entertainment!"

I wonder if he's a virgin...

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