Tuesday, July 26, 2005

If I had the money...

If I had the money, I would do 3 things:

1) Open up a high-class Black strip club.
From what I've seen, the Black clientele in NC (yeah, I've worked @ Black clubs b4 as well as White clubs. I don't discriminate!) could use a really nice strip club. Most of the 1's that r open now r pretty much "hole-in-the-wall" type joints. I heard that yrs ago there used 2 b a high-class Black club called "Pure Passion" on W. Market St.. I also heard that once they got away from the stripping & started having after-parties, that someone was shot & it was closed soon after.

I would stick 2 strippin' only.

2) Open up a nice Latino strip club.
There's a tremendous need 4 a LEGIT Latino strip club. Not like La Frontera was, or what the new 1 will b. Coco whatever. It's @ the same location as "The Players Club" was b4 the city shut'em down. "The Players Club" wasn't zoned 4 "adult" in that area & the club has sinced moved 2 High Point Rd. The owner shut down "The Platinum Club" 4 the new "Players Club."

I guess the brothaz were spendin' more $$$ than "The Platinum Club's" regular clientele. Most of those girls went 2 "Chester's."

Also, I would let ALL types of guys in, not just the Latino 1's, like La Frontera did. They were NOTORIOUS 4 letting in Latino men only. (Like that would stop a Latino Vice cop Undercover.)And I wouldn't run it as a brothel, either. There r enough of those cheap Mexican grind-joints around here as it is. (Once again, like La Frontera was. The GPD DO HAVE Hispanic cops 4 undercover work, ya know.)

I would make a killin'!

3) Open up a White "Working Man's " strip club:
Nothing 2 fancy like "Chester's" or "Christie's Cabaret." Something nice enough where the beer & liquor prices wouldn't kill ya & where u can get an affordable lapdance. Many of the Black clubs in G'boro have it right. Affordable lapdances, beer & liquor. Why kill a guy when u can make him spend more $$$ over the long run instead @ 1 time.

And u wouldn't have to dress up fancy to come in. U know, some pool tables, the games on satellite...

All of these clubs would allow ANYONE (Regardless of ethnicity) in, though clubs that feature Black dancers would attract more Black guys, Latina dancers would attract more Latino guys, and White guys love'em all! (Alittle chocolate & alittle "spice," LOL!)

After all, $$$ is green so why discriminate?

Anyway, that's what I would if I had the money...


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