Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some positive stripper stories...

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I know that I've been giving y'all "the lowdown" on the strip club industry in NC & some of it has been, shall we say, "unpositive." Just like in other sh8t, there's the negative & the positive. Let me tell ya about some positive sh*t 4 a change.


I've recently ran into a couple of x-dancers that I worked w/ back in the day. 1 used 2 b called "Honey" & the other 1 was called "Star."

Honey used to b a real raunchy dancer back in the day. She didn't f*ck, but she still made her $$$. She really knew the difference between "the tease" & "showing it all." She kept the guys (& a few girls) on the edge of their seat w/o crossing the line (walking right up 2 it, yes). This was "back in the day" when the $$$ flowed and "the hustle" was on. Even when it was slow, Honey got paid!

I asked her how things were (I ran into her @ The Winn Dixie, the 1 that's about 2 close on Cone Blvd.). She had a cute little boy since her club days & have settled down to married life. I was like, "DAAAAAMMN!" I never pictured Honey as marriage-material! F*ckin' material, yeah! LOL!

Anyhoo, she started doing hair and nails (nails r a dying art) P/T as she was winding down her stripping career. She became really good @ it until she was able 2 support herself just by doing hair & nails. She always saved her $$$, something that the other girls @ the time were very envious about. Eventually, encouraged by her then-boyfriend (now hubby), she opened up her own hair salon and has been "workin' it out" ever since!


Star was a stone-cold hustler back in the day. I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean that she was all about business. If you weren't about the $$$, then she had no time 4 ya. As the DJ, we always got along. I ran into her @ The 4 Seasons Mall, by that Cookie place (the name of the place escapes me @ the moment). She was in G'boro visiting her grandma. After getting out orders, we talked about "the ol' days." Star started stripping 2 pay 4 college (UNC-G) & was a serious student (business major). After she graduated, she stopped stripping & went 2 work 4 a PR firm in the ATL (Atlanta 4 those of u don't don't know). After a couple of years, she actually started strippin again, this time at the time Famous (now Infamous & closed) Gold Club that was owned by Steve Kaplan. She made a killing there and decided to start a catering service.

Why catering?

Because her aunt (who was from ATL) used 2 cook 4 the girls when they came over her house after work (She was 1 of those "wild aunts."). Star always had a knack 4 cooking (She use 2 bring in her own plates of food 2 work when she was in G'boro. Star hated fast food.), so she got with her aunt & started catering. Star used some of the girls who were getting out of stripping 4 some P/T help (& 4 some "exotic catering" 2 a select clientele), & the business took off. Star still works w/ her aunt, who's as wild as ever, and has amassed alittle economic empire, dabbling in stocks, bonds, real estate (foreclosures), & securities.

I was truly impressed. Hell, she's living better than me! LOL!

Both of these ladies r examples of people who took an opportunity & made it work 4 them. I'm surprised that more girls don't follow their example.

U go, girls! I ain't mad atcha...

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