Thursday, June 23, 2005


This has alot 2 do w/ the previous post. I was minding my own business DJing when I saw a commotion @ the bar. Two of the dancers were gettin' "down & dirty," scrapping like they were fighting over a man. And they were... kinda. One thing that u gotta know about dancers is that they can get VERY territorial when it comes to particular customers. Being that it was a slow night, there was a mad scramble for $$$ tonight.

One patron in particular came in. An older dude who's known for spending lots of cash and asking for, and getting, "extras." This guy, which I'll call "Joe" came in, had a beer, and asked one of the dancers, "Sugar" for a "private dance," which is what this club's version of "VIP Dances." They went in The VIP Room, handled their business, and came out after about 10 minutes w/ a big smile on Sugar's face. After another beer and a game of pool w/ "Bunny," he went in The VIP w/ her for about 20 minutes. Joe came out and sat on the bar when Sugar sat down beside him. She told him sarcastically, "I saw u get a dance w/ Bunny. How come y'all took so long?" Joe was taken aback by this and said, "That's between me and Bunny. Why are u in my business?" Sugar comes back with, "I bet y'all were f*ckin' in there!" Joe retorts, "Hell, yeah! And she charges 1/2 of what you do! I only got a BJ from u, and I didn't even get 2 finish!" Well, that did it! Sugar goes over 2 Bunny, who's at the other end of the bar w/ another patron and calls her a "cheap b*tch." "Excuse me?" Bunny said. "You heard me, b*tch! Don't undercut me, u godd#mn crackhead! Take that cheap p*ssy over to MLK!" (Martin Luther King Blvd., is a street in Greensboro, NC where crackheads, transgenders, and whores "patrol" for clients. It's being cleaned up though, because of new real estate development. Slowly, but surely.) And then out of nowhere, Sugar throws a punch @ Bunny and knocks her right on her ass! The bouncers instead of breaking up the fight, stand there and watch! I'm thinking, Idiots, do your damn job!

Well, a few customers get up and leave the club, not trying 2 get in the middle of the drama, including ol' Joe (Ha!). Some stay and watch the fight, while a couple try 2 break it up. (The bouncers put an end 2 that!) By now Bunny gets up and starts clawing @ Sugar's face and pulling her hair. Oh, before I forget, there's another thing u need 2 know about dancers: They NEVER travel alone! Once a dancer, or stripper if u will, gets established in a club, she gains friends (or more accurately, allies) who will have her back just in case something like this happens. Bunny's crew came out of the dressing room and they jump Sugar and started beatin' the Living Hell out of her ass! Then Sugar's crew comes out w/ the rest of the girls from the back that night and Sugar's crew gets into it! Now it's REALLY on! That's when I come out of the DJ Booth and TRY to break everybody up. BAD MOVE! The reason the bouncers didn't get involved is that they tried to f*ck Bunny, but were turned down flat. So they wanted 2 c her get beat down. Perfect.

Words of advice: NEVER get in the middle of 2 females fighting! I can deal w/ fists, but that scratching sh*t has got 2 go! Finally, the manager, whom I'll call "Mike" comes out of the office (He was in there w/ Angel, another dancer @ the club. Draw your own conclusions.) & tells the bouncers to get their asses in there and break that sh*t up! Reluctantly, they enter the fray w/ me, p*ssed as Hell! The fight went from the bar to out front in the lobby. Finally, it gets broken up w/ the help of some of the girls who weren't aligned w/ either Bunny or Sugar, me, the lame-ass bouncers, & a few of the regulars who had remained. Man, I was p#ssed off BIG TIME! I'm the f*ckin' DJ! I'm not supposed to break up fights! I should've stayed in the damn DJ Booth! After that Mike was so mad that he closed the club up early tonight (Which is the reason why I'm writing this blog @ this time.). The f*cked up part about tonight wasn't the fight itself (that was bad enough), but the REASON for the fight! They were fighting not because they were having sex in The VIP Room (which you're NOT supposed to do!), but because one was charging LESS THAN what the other stripper was for "extras." Ain't that a b*tch?! Keep that sh*t out of the damn club! What a f*ckin' business!!


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