Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Last week's "Weekend Gig" Recap...

The club did pretty good this weekend, but not until real late. The new college girls were there 2, but not nearly as many as my "Weeknight Gig." That's because the regs here convinced the manager not 2 hire 2 many new girls.

Why he would listen 2 them is beyond me.

New girls drive the strip club industry. They (the regular dancers) r only hurting themselves in the long run. Nobody wants 2 c the same ol' dancer ALL THE TIME. Sure, u have your regular customers & all, but even they want 2 c some new faces every now-&-again.

Word is, the manager & the owner r screwing a few of the more vocal (i.e. big-mouths) dancers (nothing new in the strip club game) & that these ladies r "whispering" in their ears & telling them that certain people need 2 go. I've felt a different vibe @ the club recently & this could b the reason why.

I don't know if that includes me or not, but we'll c.


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