Sunday, July 31, 2005

Will strip clubs in Greensboro become extinct?

The Greensboro City Council has been trying to shut down "adult" businesses through zoning ever since 10/16/99, when the massage parlor abuses were reported. It's been almost 6 years now and nothing (thankfully) has changed. The biggest thing about the council and what it's trying to do is to repeal the "grandfather clause" that the majority of adult businesses r under. U can't make a law that's retroactive! If you wanna do that to new businesses, then fine, but trying to get existing businesses to move is bullsh#t.

Most of the "rough stuff" that happens r usually in regular "dance" clubs. Can anyone say "The Skybar" in Downtown Greensboro? Speaking of Downtown Greensboro, am I the only 1 "sick-to-death" of people using the parking decks as toilets? And they r not even drunk! They urinate in the parking decks BEFORE they enter the clubs & restaurants downtown. Can't they "take a leak" @ home like common-sense adults do?

Damn, I'm so sick of that! If I c another girl swat and urinate in the parking decks IN FULL VIEW of everyone, I'm going 2 take a picture of it & put it on my blog. I feel sorry 4 anyone that slips & falls down in the parking decks downtown.

Now I know that strip clubs aren't perfect (Especially if you've been readin' my blog!), but remember The Babylon Club? (It's the same spot where The Skybar is now.) That place was running drugs out of it from Cleveland, Ohio for 3 years b4 they were caught by GPD! Nothing like that has EVER happened w/ the strip clubs in town. And they were walking distance from the police station!


And I won't even mention "Club Sensations" on E. Bessemer Ave. (The site is now a Mexican church.) More people were shot out there than @ The KKK/WVO Shootout in '79.

Just leave the strip clubs the Hell alone.

Another deadline will pass in February 4, 2006. I don't think that things will change then, either. Do u really think that "Christie's Cabaret" on W. Wendover Ave. put over $150,000.00 into improvements and remodeling, only 2 b shut down later?


If the City Council REALLY wants 2 do something, then I suggest that they go after all of these "underground strip clubs" & "$20.00 brothels" that r in the city, where drugs & under-age prosties abound.

Do something about that!


Vada said...

Strip clubs are definately better than the underground "massage" parlors". But I still haven't decided if they exploit women or if they are another step towards sexual liberation for everyone. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

where are these underground strip clubs? or the massage parlors?

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