Monday, February 27, 2006

Strippers and their Boyfriends...

1 of the worst things my tired ol' eyes have seen is how many stripper fall for the wrong type of guy.

In porn, there's a term called, "suitcase pimps." These guys usually bring in the bags of the porners when they come 2 dance @ a strip club. Then when they pick them up, they usually take the $$$ as well. That's if they even leave.

This describes many of the b-friends 2 a T!!

They r always arguing w/ the girl right b4 work, which puts the dancer in a bad mood 4 the whole night.

In some cases, there is physical abuse. In many more cases, the abuse is mental.

It's like they hate them dancing, but luv that $$ coming in. Most of the time, they don't have any job & the dancer is their sole source of income.

A real f*ckin' gentleman, huh...

Many strip clubs, if they r smart, ban boyfriends from coming into the club in the 1st place. Most people familiar w/ the industry know that this is a good idea. The problem is that some stripper boyfriends usually worm their way into the club by getting friendly w/ the staff or the manager &/or owner. Then it's like he becomes a semi or quasi-employee, doing favors 4 the staff &/or management.

In other words, generally kissing ass.

4 the few who don't get violent w/ their girls, they don't care as long as "the $$$ train" keeps on rolling on the tracks.

Then they find out that their girl was feeling up on the DJ or bouncer or something & want 2 go ballistic in the club.

Bad move.

Real bad.

2 the strippers that have caring boyfriends (& there r caring stripper b-friends out there.), this does not apply 2 u.

4 the 1's that have their "suitcase pimps,"


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