Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strippers doing "Side Work"...

Hey ladies, I ain't mad atcha, but if u r gonna do some "side work" i.e. FUCKING, then let's get some things clear:

(A disclaimer: This post DOES NOT refer 2 ALL strippers in the game. Only the 1's who fuck it up 4 the rest.)

1) B Discreet!
I know the biz hasn't been the same since Dubya took office (Damn, I miss the "go-go" 90's!), but please, DON'T ACT DESPERATE! Just budget your $$$ better.

2) Don't Hate!
I know that there r girls that KNOW that 1 of their friends is gettin' paid "on the side," then go right around & do the SAME THING WHILE TALKIN' SHIT ABOUT YOUR HOMEGIRL!


3) Charge Out the ASS!
Don't go 4 the "quick buck." If ya haveta do it (& remember ladies, ya don't HAVETA DO IT. Mc'D is still hiring.), then charge the dudes "out the ass" & let'em know that u r WORTH IT!

(Another disclaimer: I'm not promoting prostitution in any way ON THIS SITE! I'm just breaking it down & being real.)

4) Don't support a "habit" w/ it.
U know what the Hell I mean: NO POWDER-NOSES, PILL-POPPERS, OR CRACK-HEADS! U wanna wind up on MLK?

5) Your male co-workers, i.e. bouncers, DJs, & etc. GET A DISCOUNT!

Sorry ladies, I HAD 2 throw that 1 in there!!!


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