Thursday, January 26, 2006

Anna Malle: R.I.P.

Anna Malle
9/9/67 - 1/25/06

1 of my favorite pornstars has tragically died in a car accident earlier yesterday.

Anna Malle. (Real name: Anna Hotop)

She was an awesome performer on-screen an a sweetheart off-screen. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Anna waaaaay back in 1996 when she was appearing @ an adult videostore on E. Lee St. (No, not "Eddie's Place."). A friend & I were there shootin' the sh*t w/ her & havin' a great time. I even had my picture taken w/ her in all her glory, autographed & everything. She even wanted 2 go 2 dinner w/ us, but I had 2 go 2 work @ 6 that day.

I should have called in sick that day...

Many people have said that she wasn't a "classic beauty," but she was fine as Hell 2 me.
Anna recently retired from porn & was about 2 start on another phase in her life when this happened.

Here's some links 2 the story:

This is from Porn Commentator Luke Ford's site, :

Anna Malle Died Wednesday In A Car Accident

From Her Website:
Wed Jan 25 2006 - 17:34 - To All of Anna's fans and admirers. With deep sadness I have to announce that Anna has passed away today in an auto accident. She will be missed by all and has always enjoyed her life to the fullest.

I'm sure that her memory will always be with her fans and friends. For all of you please say a prayer to her and let her know that she was loved.

Sept 9, 1967 - January 25, 2006

Anna's husband Hank is fine. He wasn't in the accident, which was not alcohol related and Anna was not driving.

Malle was cut in half in the accident.

I've been acquainted with Anna for about a decade. We never had a deep talk. She seemed distant and hardened by her time in the sex industry. Over the past eight years, she's worked principally as an escort.
I found it sad watching her age. Sex is a cruel industry for a female performer to grow old in.

She and her husband were major swingers.
She surely slept with over 1,000 men in her life.
In many ways, Hank was the opposite of his wife. He was reliable, steady, and responsible. She was a party girl.

The Pocketcomb Pimp writes:

I am so saddened by the news of Anna's passing. We have had several deaths in the industry over the last year, but none have come close to impacting me as much as Anna's. Anna was a gifted performer, and I can't name a scene she did that did not reflect her passion, hunger and satisfaction for her performance.

By my standards she was a beauty among women that keep hair stylist & makeup artists on call. Straight hair, curly hair or extensions Anna always outshined women a fraction of her age. If she was active today she would most likely be my favorite performer and giving Jeanna Fine a run for her money as my favorite performer of all time.

It's unfortunate that her last impression of the industry was not more positive, but I do recall reading that fellow gifted performer, Mustang Sally Layd also left the industry with a similar salty taste in her mouth.

Even though Anna only appeared in a few IR titles, her impact was important. Her two scene with Sean Michaels are legendary and she is by far the only women worthy of sharing the spotlight with Sean and Jeanna in New Wave 5. Some fans are fanatical, but I always considered myself a fan of the industry more than a performer, but for the 1st time I am truly sad to see a star fade out too soon. RIP Anna, your works will not go unappreciated.

Anna Malle,

You'll b missed...


Anonymous said...

I corresponded with Anna many times over the years, mostly by mail. She was always vibrant,real, & a very cool person. As well as THE most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I feel I'm a better person for having known her. Her performances were incredible, but they pale in comparison to her personality and warmth. I will truly miss her, and think about her daily. My sincerest condolences go out to her husband, Hank. We'll see her again in the next life. Jeff Darden

Zartan said...

Amen 2 that...

Anonymous said...

You seem like an intelligent cat. All I want ask is why is Anna Malle blacklisted across the the board on pornstar lists? Is it because she was not a typical "Cover Girl" as far as the boxes of the films go?

Are some parties not allowing it out of the tragic circumstances? (If so then I understand and admire the wishes of thse that knew her.)

I can't even find a fan site.

Please, reply if you have an idea to add to what I'm saying.
She was the 1st woman I ever felt respect for in the industry, (not the last,).

Long (and I mean as long as I can get) time fan

Zartan said...

It's probably because she's "old School" and the fact that she wasn't a "classic" beauty, whatever the fuck that is.

I actually met her back in the day ans she was cool as Hell. I hope she found the peace she deserved.


thomasmrt said...

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cheston200829 said...

Anna Was loved and still is She was and still is my Aunt Anna the greatest person taken out of my life . I'll be with her again one day . Anna was very beautifyl and when she did something ,she did it to the fullest . Loving & Mising You Aunt Anna , Love your nephew ,
Cheston Daniel Monroe

cheston200829 said...

Anna was and still is my Aunt .
I love and & miss her very much . What I loved the best about her is she did what she wanted . although the greatest person in my life has been taken away I know I'll be with her agian one day . LOVE YOU AUNT ANNA

Zartan said...

To Thomas:
I have no new info on Sally. She's been under the radar for awhile now.

To Cheston:
Amen, brother, amen. She was a true jem. I actually met her when she was in NC awhile back. She was a sweetheart & I'm sure she's in a better place now.