Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How 2 get Strippers 2 like U...

Here r a few tips 2 get some luv from strippers:


1) TIP!
Nothin' gets a stripper's attention that $$$.

2) Show them respect.
It's hard 4 some girls 2 get on stage 2 begin with, so B NICE!

3) LISTEN 2 them.
Strippers hear guys talk 2 them all night long. Listening 2 them (I mean REALLY listen 2 them) 4 a change will really get them 2 so u some luv when u enter the strip club.

4) Play a game of pool w/ them.
If u go 2 a strip club w/ some pool tables, take a girl & play. Give them alittle $$$ when u lose (Watch it, though. Some dancers can REALLY play pool.). This will GUARANTEE that she will chose u over other customers when u come in.

5) Get @ least 1 VIP dance.
U don't have 2 spend the rent $$$, just enough 2 wet her appetite & 2 keep her coming back 4 more later.

6) TIP!
Did I say that already? Well, it's important, so hook it up.


These r only a few tips. Try'em out & c if I'm lying or not (I'm not!).

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