Monday, August 15, 2005

When strippers battle...

I actually heard this info from a friend of mine, so it's 2nd hand news.

My friend, who I'll call "Damon," was @ this strip club in G'boro just relaxing & playing pool when 2 strippers started arguing. From what he told me, it was about $$$ & what 1 of them did w/ it (i.e. snorting/smoking it all up). Well, this 1 stripper called "Spice" was saying how she gets paid more than the rest of the girls & how she didn't need welfare or whatever. The other dancer, who I'll call "Sugah" (Damon couldn't remember her dance name), was offended but was gonna let it go until Spice picked up a pool stick & swung it @ her.

Unfortunately for Spice, she missed.

Sugah picked up another pool stick & plastered Spice in the head, breaking the pool stick in half!

I don't make this sh#t up!

I've actually been 2 the strip club he was @ (it's a sh*thole), so I could really believe what he told me. We both got a laugh off that.


Because the real reason 4 the arguement was that Spice was having sex in the club & made a killing that day. Sugah was like, "If u make all that $$$, Why don't u have sh#t? Where's it all going?" Damon tells me that's when things got heated. Once again, this is "second hand" info, so don't hate on me!

Damnit, ladies!! Stop having sex in "The Champagne Lounge" & make your $$$ the right way!

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