Sunday, August 07, 2005

Another crazy night @ my Weeknight gig...

Man, u r not gonna believe this. There was this customer this past week who took a dancer called Sassy into The VIP Room 4 a private dance. After a while, everyone hears her yelling back there. The guy runs out of The VIP Room & out of the club in a big rush w/ his head down, while Sassy is cursing him out. He was gone b4 the bouncers could get ahold of him. I came out of The DJ Booth to find out what the fuss was all about.

While they're back there, Sassy says that the guy took out his penis (which is of course, against the rules) while she was giving him a lapdance. While she was dancing 4 him, she said that she felt something "wet" on her lower back. She then turned around 2 find out that the guy had ejaculated on her!


That's when she freaked & was about 2 punch him out when he left in a embarassed rush.

I know what y'all r thinking: "She didn't KNOW that he had his penis out?"

That's what I said. Then she had the nerve 2 tell me that she was "just making her $$$ like she always does." It was @ this point that I went back up 2 The DJ Booth, shaking my head. She KNEW that the idiot had it out & SHE DIDN'T CARE! Then she had the gall 2 GET MAD! Then she said that @ least he paid in advance, so it wasn't all bad.


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