Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Friendsville man accused of traveling to have sex with child...

I found this nasty sh*t on the web courtesy of "The Knoxville News" ( It happened right next door 2 us in NC (in Tennessee). It's some important news on perverts trying 2 find sex on the 'net w/ KIDS! If u r reading this blog & u have kids, please check this sh*t out & beware of "Sexual Predators" on the web.

Here's the original link:

And I pasted the story below as well...



Friendsville man accused of traveling to have sex with child

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.: A Blount (BLUHNT') County man is being held without bond in northern Ohio -- accused of traveling there to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. Prosecutors say 47-year-old Douglas Hawxhurst of Friendsville was expecting to find a woman named Lorie and her daughter named Laci and planned to have sex with both of them.

But the females didn't exist. Hawxhurst had been Internet chatting with a police officer, masquerading as a mother willing to involve her child in sex.

Detective Bobby Grizzard of the Massillon, Ohio, police says Hawxhurst went "weak in the knees" when he saw officers in the motel room where he went to meet the mother and daughter.
After his August third arrest, he was held on state charges, but those have been replaced by a federal charge of traveling across state lines with the intent of having sex with a child.

In an e-mail exchange with "Lorie" days before his arrest, Hawxhurst wrote that a threesome with a mother and daughter was "a huge fantasy for him."


I hope that they cut his balls off...

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