Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Strippers & their "Medication"...

I've touched on this subject b4. The reason I'm going back 2 it is because of something I saw last night.

I was watching my recording of "Cathouse: The Series" (I worked the day it came on & had it on my VCR.) and was getting a good laugh out of the "drama" of Bunny Ranch prosties "Air Force" Amy & Danielle. Danielle was bringing up the fact that many of the girls there get "medicated" in order to perform their duties (f*ckin') there, which brings me 2 my lil' rant (I was really surprised that they showed that part, because it's hitting alittle bit 2 close 2 home.).

I'm like this: If u need to get drunk, f*cked up, high, stoned, or whatever 2 do this type of work,


I've seen a Helluva lot of girls go down the "Highway of No Return" because they couldn't handle it. Many were drugged out, a few commited suicide, & some were out right murdered because they were hanging around the wrong type of people. If u r gonna do this type of work, u need 2 treat it just like a job, and so few stripper don't. To many dancers, it's "Social Hour" @ the club: A place where u can conversate w/ the customers, talk sh*t about other girls behind their back, & do stuff u r not supposed 2 do in The VIP Room (& almost every strip club has @ least 1 or 2 dancers that will do stuff back there).

"Stripping," or 4 the politically-correct "exotic dancing," is like "Pro Sports:" U can only do it 4 a limited amount of time. U c what happens 2 boxers when they stay in the ring 2 long? It's painful. If a dancer's smart, she'll make her $$$, go 2 school or start up a business w/ the $$$ she should have saved up. Do your thing, then get out b4 u r "retired."

2 many dancers get high or drunk 4 just that "1 time." Then that 1 time becomes every f#ckin' day! And then u NEED it (your fix) instead of merely WANTING it. By then, it's usually 2 late. I've seen girls driven literally CRAZY over this "lifestyle" (& it will quickly become a lifestyle, not a job if u f*ck it up.) when they can't handle it.

If there r any dancer that view this blog, listen carefully:

Treat it like a job, make your $$$ while u can, then retire.

Trust me, u don't want 2 c the alternative...


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