Monday, August 29, 2005

Last week's "Weeknight Gig" Recap...

The club was packed this week. Everything was LOVELY!

Lots of new college girls coming back from "summer break" & many new 1's trying out 4 the 1st time (so they say). We had so many new girls that the customers didn't know what 2 do! LOL!

Of course, w/ so many new & returning dancers, the "hating" sets in. The regular girls have 2 hustle even more now & can't rely on giving "extras" because the customers r more interested in the "new crop" than the regs. The customers would rather pay the new girls just 2 dance (the way it's supposed 2 b, anyhow) than 2 pay the regs 4 any "extras," especially if they have had them b4 in the past. Man, the regs were b!tchin' like Hell because of that!

Oh, well...

The regs were hatin' up a storm, but the club did great this week. And the new girls were even tipping me more than the regs!tippers!


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