Monday, August 08, 2005

No more limo rides, guys...

It looks like most of the nude strip clubs around Greensboro r giving up their limo rides, which were just "brothels-on-wheels," anyway. I think the heat of what happened to "Dockside Dolls" recently scared the sh#t out of the club owners. They KNEW what was going on in the limos and they didn't want to get caught. Hell, Dockside got in trouble not because of prostitution was goin on IN the club, but that it was taking place OUTSIDE of the club at a nearby motel! U know, 4 a "Private Party."

Yeah, more like "Private F*ckin'!"

Here r some links, courtesy of, about "The Dockside Dolls Situation":

Hey, I'm not against anyone f*ckin' 4 $$$ (most people do alot worse), but NOT IN A CLUB SETTING!! So sorry fellas, no more sex in the limo!!

Unless, u rent your own, of course. That's another story...

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