Wednesday, August 10, 2005

La Frontera closes, Copa Rocka Cantina opens...

Well, 1 Mexican whorehouse closes, another 1 opens. "La Frontera" was finally forced 2 close down by the city (Even though, rumor has it, that it's still open on the "DL."). Either way, what was going on over there will simply move over to the new spot, "Copa Rocka Cantina."

Where's "Copa Rocka Cantina", u may ask?

It's on Sands Dr. @ the old location of "The Players Club" , right across the street from "La Frontera," b4 THAT place was forced 2 close down 4 zoning violations. (U can't have a strip club in that area by the old Carolina Circle Mall. Others have tried, legally. "The Players Club" now resides @ the former location of "The Platinum Club" on High Point Rd. next 2 Taco Bell. I guess Johnny thinks he can make more $$$ of the Black folks in the area than the Whites who used 2 go there.).

I was in "The Players Club" when it was @ Sands Dr., & I must say that it was BEAUTIFUL! I knew that here was no way that Johnny was gonna let that space stay empty 4 long. 2 bad, it'll soon b just another Mexican whorehouse in Greensboro. Johnny thinks that if he only allows Latinos in he won't get busted by GPD.

Hey, Johnny! They do have LATINO cops, ya know!

We'll c how things go. Maybe I'm wrong about CRC, but I doubt it. Check out this link, courtesy of "The Greensboro Troublemaker" Ben Holder, 2 c if I'm bullsh*tin':

When will Johnny learn...


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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, His clubs fucking suck, they won't last much longer. He needs to get the fuck out of NC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's a fucking pervert who tries to fuck little girls

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