Friday, September 02, 2005

It's crazy out there!


1st of all, much love goes out 2 the people in New Orleans, Ol' Miss, & 'Bama who are suffering because of Hurricane Katrina. Secondly, there r azzh*les that r taking advantage of this tragic situation. Thirdly, the dirty-azz cops in N.O. r staying home & not doing there job! There r even stories that COPS r looting stores!

Gas prices R CRAZY!!

There's NO WAY that gas prices should jump up so fast in this short timespan. People r using Katrina 2 do whatever the f#ck they wanna do 4 more $$$!

I'm not a commie, but that's TRULY f#cked up!

U even have idiots on the web who say that THE GOV'T has a "weather-control device" & THEY were the 1's who did it!


Also, because of the high-as-hell gas prices, people aren't going 2 the strip clubs. R u gonna give a stripper $$$ when gas cost "an arm & a leg?"


U will tease them, but u won't give up SH*T!

It's gonna b a sh*tty Labor Day Weekend...

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