Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If u don't like dancing, QUIT!

Personally, I'm sick & tired of hearing about a handful of dancers who don't like stripping!


There was this 1 dancer I'll called Penny (Yeah I know, it's not a "Stripper" name.) was b!tchin' ALL NIGHT about how she hated stripping. She was either drunk or on some "Alphabet" pills (Knowing her, prolly both.), & she was crying in the dressing room most of the night. I really got tired of hearing her, so I simply told her 2 quit if she doesn't like what she does.

Maybe if she had finished college instead of getting high every day...

Anyhoo, I don't hear her complaining when men r throwing $$$ @ her & she makes a killing. Alot of girls were b!tchin' last week, but she took it 2 the next freakin' level. Alcohol & "Alphabet" pills (U know, "Alphabet" like X, Special K, etc...) can do that 2 ya.

Words of Advice: "If u don't like stripping, never start in the 1st place!"

Make your $$$ & get out!


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