Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do I look ugly 2 u?

Do I look ugly 2 u?

That's a question that some strippers may ask u, believe it or not.

If u only knew how some strippers feel about themselves.

Almost on a daily basis I deal w/ a dancer that think they r 2 fat (when they r just right or even skinny) or ugly (when they r FINE AS HELL). Unfortunately, many dancers have boyfriends (& some have girlfriends) who r assh#les.

Why they take that abuse (mainly mental, but in some cases, physical as well), I'll never figure out.

So next time u go 2 a strip club & the dancer on stage isn't you're "cup of tea" (It takes a TREMENDOUS amount of courage 2 shake your ass on stage, 1/2 nekkid, 4 complete strangers.) give her a lil' smile.

Some $$$ would help, 2...

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