Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This week was truly BORING!

All I heard were the girls b!tchin' about how they r not making any $$$ & how everybody's hollerin' they r BROKE! I told them, "Hell, times r tough! U know that gas prices r high as Hell!"

It's times like this that the dancers do sh!t they r not supposed 2. They don't realize that will kill business quicker than a couple of uniformed "po-poes" sitting in our parking lot during business hours. 1 dancer even said that she couldn't even give it away last week (That's because she didn't ask me! LOL!).

Both the regular weeknight gig & the weekend gig were both SH*T as far as customers were concsrned. I guess last week was "Look-@-the-girls-&-don't-tip" week.

Trust me, the last place u wanna b is in a clubful of dancers who aren't makin' any $$$!

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