Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dancers can b CRAZY!!

Check this out...

I took Saturday nite off 2 check out the competition around the Triad. I came upon this club (which I won't mention... yet) real late & decided 2 check it out.

After I paid my $$$, I went in & there seemed 2 b some kinda party or something. I found out that 1 of the dancers (I never found out her name) was trying 2 have a birthday party, but nobody there really gave a damn. However, there was some free food, like chips, cake, and chicken wings from Hooters (yeah, THAT Hooters).

Well, as I was heading towards the free food table, she goes off on this big dude. She's screaming her head off, saying, "Those r my motherf*ckin' wings! I paid 4 those!" The dude was like, "So? F*ck u & your wings, u ugly b*tch!"

I was like, "Damn, I know that I didn't walk up into a fight." I knew the dude was gonna lay her out, but the guys that work there chilled everything out. I believe that they knew the dude (@ least that what it seemed) & knew that the dancer in question was nothing but trouble, because he wasn't kicked out or anything. After her tirade, the "party" was over & people started 2 leave.

Soon after, the DJ announced that everyone should make your way 2 the doors (it was around 2:00 AM), & I got the Hell up out of there. I was like, "This crazy b*tch is goin' off over some DAMN CHICKEN WINGS?! Why did she buy them if she didn't expect people 2 EAT THEM?!

It must not been much of a party, because those wings were cold & nobody was wishing her a "Happy B-Day" or anything.

I guess everyone knew she was a b*tch...

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