Sunday, October 21, 2007

Greg Sakas, Pt.5: Police Harassment Continues in Pure Bliss Case

Here we go again...

Here's Part 5 of an ongoing story right here in NC.

I did a few stories on this already & u can read about how this guy is gettin' screwed over & over here, here, here, & here.



13:34 PM PST

Police Harassment Continues in Pure Bliss Case; Cops: "You Got Animal Videos Don't You?"

--Gene Ross

Wilmington, North Carolina- Pure Bliss store owner Greg Sakas was due in court twice this week in two different cases.

Sakas' New Bern, North Carolina store was raided by police in January. Then cops paid another visit to Sakas' story in September. Sakas is looking at contunuances in both the cases.

However, not content with that, an undercover cop paid a visit to another one of Sakas' stores- this one located in Wilmington, North Carolina. Sakas has stores throughout the state.

"This is freakin' getting worse," says Sakas summoning up his feelings about dealing with the police, particularly police chief Frank Palombo who's backed by the Christian Coalition. And Sakas feels this organization is behind the attempts to shut him down for good.

According to Sakas, his Wilmington store [which is located about 100 miles from the New Bern store] was visited Thursday by an undercover cop- a female.

"She came in and the first thing she said- and this is how stupid she was, oh I see that you got lingerie out here," states Sakas. "'Oh you've got nipples showing. You've got genitalia showing.'"

She was referring to the packaging from Dreamgirls.

"How obvious can you be?" Sakas laughs. "And she picked it up and goes, oh, I see you're showing genitalia on here."

Then she goes in the back of the store and goes, 'I'm looking for some Rush.' We don't sell that- this is the same thing they were trying to get us on in New Bern. And then she says, 'You don't have it anymore?' Did we ever? Isn't that illegal. Then she says 'how about head cleaner? I know you got that.' Then the manager told her, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'"

The undercover cop then asked about bestiality tapes.

"'You got animal videos don't you?'"

The cop was told of course not, that this was illegal.

"She said I'm sure you're carrying those. Then she says, 'Are you sure?' Then she left."

Then, said Sakas, the head of Compliance and Zoning, coincidentally, came into the same store Friday along with another person who began taking pictures.

"They were looking for the genitalia," muses Sakas. "Then they said to each other, apparently 'she' fucked up." She, meaning the undercover cops.

Sakas, of course, is looking at a case of obvious entrapment.

"And you don't think this is the Christian Colaition?" he asks rhetorically. "They're going after us first, and our attorney said they're trying to weaken us."

"I've got the lawyers in Buffalo [Paul Cambria's firm] working on a suit," says Sakas. "We're going to have to sue them. If I have to do this I'll do it. This is a concerted effort on their part to get to me first. This is turning out to be more than a New Bern-thing."

Sakas is convonced that he's the test case in a state effort to close down adult video shops.

"It's an all-out effort but we're the ones who got caught up in it in the beginning. But I'll take this on and do what I have to do."

In an unrelated case, Palombo's son was due in court this week the sameday as Sakas- on weapons and drug charges.



Will these self-righteous, so-called "moral" assholes EVER leave this guy alone?

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