Monday, October 15, 2007

Chico Wang Found Dead in Motel Room...

This is Part 2 of the post I did about Haley Page.

It seems that her asshole porno producer husband (They were married on 8/2/07), Inkyo Volt Hwang, aka Chico Wang took the coward's way out" & committed suicide, like a straight-up BITCH!

Here's Haley Page's Wikipedia page
, which gives a history of her and Wang. it seems she & Wang went missing 4 a couple of months b4 they found Haley.

Read about it below, or go 2 the link here.



14:43 PM PST

Chico Wang Found Dead in Motel Room

--The Morgan Hill Times

Morgan Hill, Ca - The identity of a man found dead in a motel room the afternoon of Sept. 29 has been confirmed, according to the Santa Clara County Coroner's Office.

Inkyo Volt Hwang, 38, [aka Chico Wang] was found in his room at the Economy Inn on Monterey Road after the manager of the motel was unable to get a response from him.

Hwang, who was found half-in and half-out of his bed, is believed to be a resident of Gardena, in Southern California. His death is not being considered suspicious by police. The cause of his death will not be released until the toxicology report is completed.

Hwang was "implicated" in the death of his girlfriend in King City this summer, according to King City police Sgt. Steve Miller. He would not release the name of the murder victim or other information about the case because the investigation is ongoing, he said.

Hwang may have been involved in making pornographic movies, according to Morgan Hill police, and likely was headed north due to the King City investigation.


I don't know what happened, but if I was a betting man, I would say that ol' boy had something 2 do w/ Haley's death &, being the punk that he is, uh, I mean WAS, he took the punk way out.


I hope u can finally rest in peace, Maryam...


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