Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Greg Sakas, Pt 2: New Bern's Chief of Police Can Go Fuck Himself

I got this off of 1 of my fav porn news/gossip sites, Adultfyi.com.

Read what type of shit "honest" lawmen go through 2 shut down an adult business.


New Bern's Chief of Police Can Go Fuck Himself

New Bern, North Carolina- So far Pure Bliss store owner Greg Sakas has tried playing by the rules. But after a store bust this past January, Sakas has had little or no luck communicating with a recalcitrant police dept. which refuses to talk to him regarding his case. Sakas was due in court September 27. But Wednesday, Sakas' frustration finally hit the fan after a second raid of his store on the anniversary of 9/11. This time Sakas was cited for selling controlled substances. The police are calling video head cleaner a controlled substance www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=24361. On top of this, Sakas says police cleared his store of videos and magazines. "They took part of the novelties; they took all the petty cash out of the store- everything- as contraband."

According to Sakas, the cops have an itemized list of impounded goods that numbers close to fifty pages. "They left the store last night but did not tell us. They locked it up- they had a key but didn't put the alarm on or tell us to go back down there and do it," says Sakas. "They didn't gives us a courtesy. They didn't give us any thing. The manager who was arrested has tried numerous times to call Sgt. Wilcox and he will not respond. The bastard did the same thing the last time to me with no communications."

"We've been trying to contact them all day leaving message after message," Sakas continues. "Sgt. Wilcox is the leading officer in this case but he has not responded to our calls. Our attorney says we have 4th, 14th and 1st Amendment violations in this case." Sakas suspects that a plea bargain in this instance would be his packing up and leaving town because this is a matter that has also involved the Religious Right with the city sheriff, Frank Palombo, presumably in their hip pocket.

"I'd like to tell them to go fuck themselves," says Sakas. "I'd like to tell Palombo to go fuck himself. And I don't use that kind of language."

According to Sakas, the latest raid has left him with nothing- no inventory and sales records, nothing. Sakas had also been assured by city attorneys not to worry about any thing after the first bust; but now even they won't pick up on phone calls.

"This is your justice system," said Sakas.


Will this type of illegal, politically-motivated bullshit ever end?

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