Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stiletto Magazine...

'Sup, pervs.

Here's a nu mag that focuses on the strip club industry.

It's called Stiletto Magazine & u can find it here.

Here they r on Myspace. (If ur wondering, no, I don't have a Myspace page. @ least, not yet.)

Here's a pic of their latest issue below.

Stiletto Magazine

September 2007

The luvely lady on the cover is porner Nikki Benz.

Check it out

& no, they r not paying me 2 say that...


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the publicity. We are strong supporters of the adult nightclub industry and encourage all your readers that believe Americans should be able to retain their rights to read and own adult material take a look at our publication. Those who want to restrict the rights of Americans to attend live adult entertainment and to enjoy adult activities in their own homes are constantly at work.

We remain at your disposal any time. Take care and thanks again,

Stiletto Magazine LLC

Zartan said...

Hey, no prob. It's a nice mag. BTW, how in Hell did u find out about my post?! LOL!!


Blogger said...

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