Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In Monumental Double Cross Greg Sakas Raided Again, Cops Cite "Controlled Substances"

This is some outright bullshit!

Read this shit below...


In Monumental Double Cross Greg Sakas Raided Again, Cops Cite "Controlled Substances"

New Bern, North Carolina- After assurances from authorities that his store was considered a demilitarized zone until issues could be resolved in court later this month, Greg Sakas' adult establishment was again raided by police. Sakas was due in court September 27 over a police raid in January. But now Sakas faces brand new charges: including the fact that he's been dealing, allegedly, in controlled substances with intent to sell. The so-called controlled substance is video head cleaner. "We've been raided again after promises were made," said Sakas. During the course of the raid, Sakas' store manager, Michael Andrew Squiers was arrested.

The police came with a warrant they had Squiers' name on it. "They knew his name, date of birth- everything- I don't know how they got all of that said Sakas. "They were getting ready to put him in a jump suit when we finally got him bailed out Tuesday night," continues Sakas. "And I'm waiting for an arrest warrant for me, now." Sakas said he wasn't able to bail out his manager initially but did so later in the evening when they had Squiers in the holding tank. Sakas said this was a manager who had started with him about three months ago and knew the situation from January.

"We had told him we had verbal agreements with the city. The bastards lied to us."

Sakas says his manager was charged on six different counts.
"They actually had him on his knees in handcuffs and jerked him out of that store because he wouldn't cooperate. he's a strong man." "And they're saying we had a controlled substance," Sakas goes on to say. "They're calling it 'Rush' but it's video head cleaner. They're saying it's a controlled substance. If we had known this stuff was illegal we would never have sold it. They're calling it narcotics- but his bond was only $1,000. Does that make sense?"

According to Sakas, he can't get back into his own store, that cops have been there all night. "We think the phones are tapped- this has been an ongoing thing." Religious Right picketers had tried disrupting Sakas' business a couple of months ago but that didn't work. And Sakas has long suspected the police were behind that as well. "Now with us two weeks from going to court this has happened. They didn't have a case. And they're still in the store with forensics, everything. We have not been able to get into the store."

Police entered Sakas' store this time at 3pm, with Sakas noting the irony of it being 9/11. "This time they read the manager his rights and asked for his key," says Sakas. "When he refused to give them anything, they just carted him off to jail." According to Sakas, the cops sent in an undercover policewoman to make several hundred dollars of purchases in order to make a new case. "She bought the merchandise with narcotics money," Sakas contends. "It had to be her. They had been sitting across the street watching the store. It's been an ongoing thing, total harassment. If this isn't police brutality, what the fuck is it?"

"This was after the police chief [Frank Palumbo] was in a meeting where the D.A. and city attorney stated go on and operate and we'll see what we can do about working this out. And this is what was told, verbally, to my attorney."

"We're livid now," Sakas goes on to say. "They wouldn't put it in writing but they said, look, we won't do anything but we'd give you notice. They didn't give us notice and waited until 9/11 on top of that. How ironic is this whole thing." "This time is worse than the first- they've actually taken a full inventory. It's a mess." Sakas wasn't there when his store was raided. "They're trying to break me," states Sakas. "If they break me, where are we going with this? If people don't want to help, it's fine. It's really great. Because you know something? I don't know if I can hold down the fort through all of this any more, finncially. And they've got their foothold now."

Sakas estimates that cops have taken at least $50,000 in inventory from his store.

"And you think we're going to get anything back? The deposit from the previous night was not made. They wanted our money and everything. The manager refused to give them anything. He told them you're going to have to find it yourself. They're tearing that whole store apart. They are ransacking it."

"Everybody in North Carolina is now really open," Sakas thinks. "If they think they're not not, they're crazy as hell. I've got to try to find some people that are willing to help." Sakas said another of his employees- a clean up woman- was intimidated by police, thinking she was a clerk.

"They were going to arrest her, too."


Leave it 2 "Good Ol' North Carolina" 2 fuck this type of shit up.

If there's no legit reason 2 fuck w/ an adult business,



Anonymous said...

i use to work at pure bliss i was the manager for a year. sakas lied to me about how the store was really run. so all i have to say to sakas.........I TOLD YOU SO!!

sakas deserves everything he has coming to him.
i was charged and arested and the first raid in january.... i got off thank you new bern pd

Zartan said...

Tell me more!!

Anonymous said...

greg wants to be all innocent but the stores are great, i opened my own, but you cant sale illegal drugs, porn , and video head cleaner to minors! im sry its ppl like greg that take advantage of owning a business, then blame the police for him getting cought!

Anonymous said...

Gregory Sakas is among many compulsive lires to the communities in which he dwells.He tried to act as if he knew that what he was selling was unbeknown to him but he had all his employees take the rush or as he calls it head cleaner off the shelves and also to delete it from his systems so that it could not inflict on the business.Greg does a lot of crooked things against his employees and also the communities that he tries to swindle.Be advised that any dealings with this individual could be very disguised any many forms so do not trust this person at all and i should know i work for him in suffolk va.