Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Woman Solicited 10 Year-Old Girls for strip club at York fair

'Sup, pervs.

Here's some more news 4 ya from "The Perv Zone."


Woman Solicited 10 Year-Old Girls for strip club at York fair

YORK, Pa. - Police were investigating reports that a woman at the York Fair tried to recruit girls as young as 10 to work at a strip club.

A 13-year-old girl told police that a woman propositioned her Wednesday at the fair about stripping at an Adams County club. "The woman did approach her and solicit her to engage in exotic/strip dancing , even after she was told (the girl) was 13," said West Manchester police Detective Sgt. Jeff Snell. The account matched those given by a bathroom attendant who said she overheard a similar conversation between a woman and two young girls the same day, he said.

The attendant intervened, telling the girls to go to their parents and ordering the woman out of the restroom. The girls told the attendant that they were ages 10 and 11, police said. The woman allegedly gave the girls a business card for an adult club in western Adams County, Snell said. Police have interviewed the woman, but did not release her name or the name of the club while they investigate what could be a corruption of minors case.

"We know there's additional victims out there," Snell said. "If they were approached by this woman, we want to know about it."


It's hard 2 believe that pervs like this bitch r even around in The 21st Century.

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