Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Platinum Gold strip club owner Norman Goddard, 7 others arrested; Strippers Sold Drugs...

It's a shame when fucked-up people in the biz can't make $$$ the right way in the industry.

I know it's harder than it used 2 b, but DAMN! This guy was (alledgedly) pimping the girls, not only 4 sex, but he had them sell drugs 4 him, 2!

Read this bullshit below...


Platinum Gold strip club owner Norman Goddard, 7 others arrested; Strippers Sold Drugs

Florida- Boynton Beach police arrested a strip club owner and seven others Friday night after an undercover operation into sex and drugs at the club. The Police Department's Community Action Team conducted surveillance at Platinum Gold, 3675 S. Federal Highway, for more than a month. Dancers allegedly kept drugs in their lockers and sold them, with a chunk of the profits going to owner Norman Goddard, 53, of Boca Raton, police said. Dancers also paid Goddard a portion of the $300 they would charge to have sex in the champagne room, said Sgt. John Bonafair, of the CAT. If Goddard saw the dancers engaged in sex acts with men on the couches he would get angry because they weren't paying the $300 entry fee to the private room, Bonafair said. "Then they would do whatever you wanted based on any additional moneys," he said. "When we turned over the couches, it was littered with used condoms and condom wrappers."

Bonafair said there was also evidence of drug use in the private room. The club has long been known in the neighborhood for sex and drug activity that fueled robberies, shootings and drug trafficking in the area, Bonafair said. This year's investigation, dubbed Operation Southern Comfort, stemmed from community complaints, police said. During an undercover investigation, one officer was solicited for sex, police said. Police were not able to shut the club down. The investigation is ongoing and police are seeking to have the state seize the club's liquor license, worth an estimated $250,000. It can then be auctioned off by the city. Police seized $12,000 and two vehicles and expect to seize three more vehicles and make more drug arrests.

Arrested Friday were Goddard, charged with drug trafficking and keeping a house of ill fame and deriving the support from proceeds of prostitution. In 1984, he was convicted on a drug trafficking charge, state records show. Also arrested on drug charges Friday were club disk jockey James Pankraz, 24, of Lake Worth, who has previous drug arrests; Jean Blain, 36, of Delray Beach; Joshua Ousley, 18, no address; Katie White, 22, of Stuart; Christopher Frynkewicz, 24, of Boynton Beach; and a 17-year-old girl. Melinda Ventre, 23, of Pembroke Pines, was arrested on drug charges and solicitation of prostitution. "It was successful and we got our point across," Bonafair said.

"Whether he shuts down or decides to leave, we definitely curtailed the kind of activity that was going on down there." Staff Researcher William Lucey contributed to this report.



Run the club clean, or NOT AT ALL!!


Anonymous said...

Now Norman S Goddard is running a brothel in his home as they shut his club down

Anonymous said...

Call Norman at the mark of the devil five six one three zero five five six six six

Zartan said...

Really? DAMN!!

Norman S Goddard said...

Duh its your dumb buddy Norman ..Just wanted you to know i can't go to my club anymore.I now stay home and watch my pubes grow

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