Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pam Anderson: Pornstar Escort or "How I paid off debt & found LOVE!"

I always knew that Pammy Anderson was a ho (2 bad Kid Rock found out 2 late.).

Seems like Pammy likes 2 "rack up" (I just had 2 say that) a substantial poker debt, then fuck some dude 2 pay 4 it.



Rick Solomon Paid Off Pam Anderson's Poker Debt; Now They're Engaged

Hollywood]- Whilst her ex-husbands have been bickering between themselves, Pamela Anderson has been busy getting engaged to a man she once offered sexual favours to.

Pamela revealed to chat show host Ellen DeGeneres how her mystery fiancé offered to pay off her gambling debts if she slept with him.

She explained: “It was so romantic. It’s romance. I was playing poker one night in my room and I was down $125,000. He said if I made out with him I could clear the...thing.

“And I ended up paying off my poker dept. And then I fell in love and now we’re engaged.”

Rumour has it that the man with the indecent proposal is none other than Rick Salomon, the poker guru who made more than £3m off the back of his
‘leaked’ Paris Hilton sex tape, One Night In Paris.

It's a touching tale and we wish them all the best.


$125,000.00 & I could have fucked Pammy?


Her sorry ass ain't worth it!

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