Friday, July 08, 2005

A slow week...

Nothing 2 exciting this week. It was real slow. (Strip clubs in NC r normally slow during the summer. Things don't pick up until after Labor Day.) My gig during the week finally hired a bouncer. Yeah, just 1. I'll call him Jo-Jo (2 protect the innocent, LOL!). I've actually worked w/ him b4 @ another club some years ago, so I'm familiar w/ his work habits & I know he's not afraid 2 "get down" if the need arises. He'll b a welcome addition to the club, but we really need more security. Sugar came back Weds. after paying her $100.00 fine, but Bunny has yet 2 return. I heard that she went out of town 4 the 4th of July Holiday, but that's over and done with. I hope she's not among the missing. She went 2 the beach 2 do some "private parties."

George The Owner has been hanging around the club this week, which is why nothing has been going down. Mike's nervous as Hell because when George is there, he can't do what he wants 2 do. George won't b hanging out 4 long, though. His wifey hates it when he's down @ the club. She's afraid he's getting some lovin' on the side. He is, but he's real discreet w/ it. And the dancer he's f*ckin', Candy (Yeah, I know. Some "stripper names" r as common as guys named "John."), isn't in love w/ George, so she's not causing any trouble 4 him. (The owner of a strip club will ALWAYS "get some," no matter what he looks like.) Mike The Manager feels that his job's in jeopardy, and he may b right. George REALLY hates it when the club looses $$$ over bullsh*t. We'll c how things play out.

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