Monday, July 18, 2005

The Weekend Gig: Friday...

Strip clubs can b a trip sometimes. My new gig is proving 2 b full of surprises. There's this dancer called Belladonna, a fine-ass brunette w/ short hair and a nice ass, was sitting out on the floor and acting like she was waiting 4 somebody. She was. It was Tyson, her "weed hook-up" (actually, Tyson is all of the dancers & managers' weed hook-up). After buying an oz. from him (in a dimly-lit corner of the club, no less! Idiots!), she left 4 the dressing room. Tyson stayed awhile to mingle a bit.

I started doing my walk-about & guess what I smelled coming out from the dressing room? No not lilac and roses, but f*ckin' weed! I went in & not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 girls r passing a blunt around (yeah, even White girls smoke blunts) & gettin' high! Now, I don't judge what someone does w/ their life or whatever, but if u need 2 b "medicated" when u work in a strip club, then u need to quit & get a "9-to-5" job.

A few dancers feel shame in what they do, so they need 2 get high or drunk 2 "shake that ass!" (These r the dancers that need 2 quit.) Some dancers get high "just because" they want 2. B4 I could say anything, Dave the Manager come in. I'm thinking: "BUSTED!" But it didn't go down that way. Instead, Dave takes a hit HIMSELF, and asked, "Where's Tyson?" (I guess he was in The Champagne Room w/ a dancer.) I'll be damned! Dave asked me if I wanted a hit. I laughed & said, "Not on duty, but maybe after work." So I left and went back on the floor.

Tyson was out of The Champagne Room & was going from dancer-to-dancer, plying his wares. I know Tyson from another club I worked @ in the past, so I guess he felt comfortable "doin' his thing" in front of me since it was early and the club wasn't busy yet. Jay, 1 of the bouncers (& not his real name) I work w/ on my weekend gig, goes up 2 Tyson & gets on him. Jay's like, "Why r u doing that in the club? B discreet, dumbass!" Tyson apologizes & heads toward the back door w/ some girls in tow. The back of the club isn't out in public view, so I guess he went out there 2 finish his business. Some people WANT 2 go 2 jail. Dumbass!

Other than that, Friday was uneventful. Busniess was slow up until about 11:00 PM, then it started getting nice. I didn't get out of there until 3:30 AM. I then went w/ Jay, Chuck (once again, a name change 2 protect the "innocent."), Belladonna, & Candy 2 a local all-night diner 4 some breakfast. All-in-all, a pretty good night.

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