Thursday, June 30, 2005

Strip Club Etiquette for Dancers...

Here's a few rules 4 all of the women who dances @ a strip club. It's not all of them, but a few 2 get u started.

Rule #1: Respect the customers. This should b self-explanatory, but it isn't. No matter what club I've worked @, u always have girls who view the patrons as "suckers" or "chumps" just because he's giving them $$$. *New Flash*: If it wasn't 4 those so-called "suckers" and "chumps," YOU COULDN'T PAY RENT! Trust me, guys can figure out another way 2 spend their $$$. If they're @ your club, it's because they WANT 2 b there, not because they have 2 b. Show some respect & it may come back 2 u in the form of more $$$. A quick hug wouldn't hurt, either.

Rule #2: Talk to the customers. This seems simple, but u would b surprised @ the # of dancers that will walk up 2 a customer & immediately ask for some $$$ or a VIP dance. Then get mad when the customer says, "Not right now, thanks." or, "Can I c u dance first?" Chat w/ the customer for abit (not all night, though) and get him relaxed. You'd b amazed @ what a 5 minute conversation can do to the amount of $$$ that will b wrapped around your garter belt. THIS is the way to get regular customers 2 c u, not by giving "extras."

Rule #3: Don't stink. Ladies, please. I know that u r dancing most off the night and dancing IS a strenuous activity (despite what some guys might think), but try 2 keep it as clean as possible under the circumstances. Body sprays, perfumes, and lotions can help, but toweling down in the dressing room after coming off the stage or out of The VIP Room will go a long way in combatting "Dancer Funk." A quick towel-off w/ some sweet perfume will set u on the right track. And please, keep the "kitty-cat" smelling fresh @ ALL COST! Nothing will kill a customer's interest (as well as start the other girls talking about ya) than a stinkin' "kitty-cat," or in layman's terms, the p*ssy. Especially if you're on stage throwing it in the guy's face. They will talk about u 2 other dancers, which will at the very least start an argument if not a full-on fight.

Rule #4: Develope a dance routine. Usually u have anywhere from 10-30 (maybe more on the weekends depending on what city u r in) or whatever girls working in the club at the same time. That means that the patrons have their pick of who they will spend their $$$ on. U gotta stick out. Make the guys tip u when they aren't tipping anyone else. BE DIFFERENT! And to Hell w/ the girls that hate on u because u r doing something different from them. Do something creative and have the patrons asking if u r working tonight. Remember, STICK OUT FROM THE CROWD!!

Rule #5: Leave your girlfriends HOME!! Don't get mad, ladies. I know that many dancer r "bi" and have their girlfriends, but LEAVE THEM @ HOME!! They'll f*ck up your $$$ faster than if you had "Godzilla-Breath" AND if your "kitty-cat" was stinkin' at the same time. In the club, they're worst than boyfriends, which is why many club prohibit b-friends from patronizing the club where their girl works (But 4 some reason not the girlfriends. Go figure.). I once saw a girlfriend of one of the dancers that I know just walk up 2 a guy & cold-cock him in the mouth. Just 4 talking 2 her girl! I've seen some g-friends just come in and hangout, watching 2 c what her girl is doing. Needless 2 say, that the dancer doesn't make any money that way. And usually the g-friend is a bull and looks like a dude. Weird... Just leave them @ home. It's not like they're dancing or anything.

That's it 4 now. I gotta go 2 "The Hellhole" in a few hours. More rules in the future.



Anonymous said...

Hey Zartan,

New in town...used to dance and was thinking about it again to get some quick cash. How do the clubs around here feel about non-anorexic carck skinny, etc? Where I'm from I wasn't the exception but my one foray into a club makes it look like I'm out of work here...

Zartan said...

If u r in Greensboro, try either Christie's Cabaret or Chesters. Here's the websites 4 both:

Hope this helps some.


P.S.: What club did u go 2 b4?

Anonymous said...

I went to Christies and was kind of intimidated.

Zartan said...

Hey, girl. Don't b intimidated by ANY club, no matter what they look like. There's also Harper's, then Southside Johnny's, and The Executive Suites out by the airport. (They're All-Nude clubs, if that's what u like.), as well as the Black strip clubs like Sugar Bares, Twiggy's, Player's Club, and The Mint if that's your flavor. They mostly play Hip-Hop. Hope this helps u.

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