Wednesday, June 22, 2005

No Sex in The VIP Room!

Now, I'm not the 1 who will complain about how dancers make their $$$, but DAMN!! If u want 2 make that extra $$$ by doing "privates," then save it 4 somewhere that is PRIVATE!! Not in the damn club! U R putting MY JOB @ risk! Because of the mix of $$$ and sexual simulation, a few patrons will ALWAYS try 2 get alittle somethin' extra from the ladies, that's just the business. If u want 2 do that, take it off the property! Get a hotel room down the street! Just don't bring that sh#t inside the club. The Gov't is already trying 2 shut down adult businesses across the country and it doesn't need an excuse 2 f#ck w/ ANY club that they feel is really an undercover brothel. Once again, I'm not trying 2 b a b*tch, but... NO SEX in The VIP Room Please!!


Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to the inside skinny you've promised to provide, but ... keep in mind you're writing in a blogging environment that doesn't block profanity - we're not at Yahoo Groups any more, Toto!

You think you might want to reconsider adding a more ... uh ... mature conversational tone to your writing style?

We're all adults here and reading a blog that promises the exposé on stippers, escorts, PSEs and the like that's written in "Online Livejournal / Yahoo IM teenspeak" is...oh, I don't know...maybe a little disconcerting?

So, spell out all that fuckin' shit for us, hombre! Write out those numbers, and consider that the word is spelled "you" - Only adult I've ever seen employ "u" in his writing is the Artist Formally Known As Prince.

Better yet, "youse" adds some character, heh heh.

So give us the real down and dirty details - no need to beat around the bush.

Other than that, extremely cool site design you've got going here. Tweak the content to match the quality of the background and you'll have the readers flocking here and coming back for more.

Instead of just coming 'round for a once-over and a head-shake of contempt.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, not that you actually give two shits.

2 Kewl 4 Skool

Zartan said...

Ha! I hear ya "Anonymous" and I appreciate the comments, believe it or not. First of, leave a NAME or some type of handle. I might give 2 sh#ts, then. Second, this is a blog. I'm givin' it 2 ya raw, including w/ the IM-speak, so the "1" instead of "one" or "u" instead of the more proper "you" is staying. This isn't or something. I'm not a reporter, I actually work in that enviroment & have done so for years (too many, lol). If I wanted a more serious and conservative tone to this, I would b writing for "The NY Times" or something. About the "profanity," I always use a "#", or "@", or "*", so I don't spell out the whole cuss word. I don't know if the blog sponsor likes it or not, so I use the symbols 2 give me alittle leeway. After all, u said sh#t yourself, w/o the symbol replacement. Third, Hell, I just started this blog this past Sunday (6/19), gimme some freakin' time 4 God's Sake! You'll get what u need. Other than that, I appreciate your comment and hope u stick around.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Zartan. Good blog. keep it coming. Be prepared for some flames though.