Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pornstars & Escorting...

OK, let's get real. What's REALLY the difference between ladies doing porn and escorting? Technically, escorting is LEGAL. The only way 2 get nailed is if you tell people what u will do in advance during a session (That is, if it's a sex act). There's actually are a few differences, though.

1) A pornstar knows who she'll b w/ in a flick (when I say "know," I mean she'll most likely (unless they've worked together before) only know the dude's name and/or reputation. Whereas in an escorting situation, she has NO IDEA (once again, unless she has a reference from another porner he's seen and if it's their first time together) who the guy is. Therefore, it may be a greater risk (Hell, most people think doing porn at all is a risk unto itself.).

2) A pornstar can make a helluva lot more $$$ escorting than doing movies, but will have 2 b extremely careful. A high profile can get u busted, can anyone say E2K? (E2K is short 4 "Exotica 2000, an escort website that specialized in pornstars that escort on the side. It was recently busted by the Feds.) Many pornstars r UTR, or "Under The Radar" and r very careful about who they c, mostly through word-of-mouth and references. As a matter of fact, some of the new "pornstars" are really escorts that do a few flicks and then raise their escort rates accordingly (Ayana Angel & Rebecca Love are two examples off this.).

Some porners don't even make flicks anymore and escort full-time, either @ a brothel in NV or by "touring." Bottom line: You're still f*ckin' 4 $$$, no matter how u look @ it. I know, pornstars get paid 2 perform in front of a camera. Kewl, but you're STILL GETTING PAID 2 F*CK!! My thing is, do whatever floats your boat, just b real w/ it. Whether it's in front of a camera in "public" or behind closed doors w/ a "hobbyist," it's still SEX. And that's OK w/ me, as long as u play it safe. And 4 the ones who r hatin', "F#ck'em!!"


dh said...

Looking forward to your posts. However, I think you mean "Decadence," not Decadance."

Sinnamon Love said...

Hi there,

welcome to the wonderful world of blogging... Enjoy the ride. :-)

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Zartan said...

Thanks 4 the comments, folks. And thanks "dh" 4 the correct spelling! LOL