Monday, May 28, 2007

Lukas Rossi of Supernova Marries Kendra Jade...

When I read about this, I had 2 put it up.

Rockers make me laugh when they deal w/ porners.

Then they get mad when a porn fan approaches their "significant other" & talk about their porn career.

Lukas Rossi of Supernova Marries Kendra Jade

Toronto- []- Lukas Rossi, lead singer of Rock Star Supernova, tied the knot with former porn star Kendra Jade. The 30-year-old rocker married Jade, also 30, at a Las Vegas chapel on May 14. Both the bride and groom wore black. “It was beautiful and no, Elvis didn’t marry us,” Rossi told ET Canada. “It was just me and her. I wanted it to be just intimate, you know.”

In April, Rossi brought Jade home to Toronto to meet his once-estranged father. Rossi shot to fame last September when he won the reality series Rock Star: Supernova and joined the band featuring veterans Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke, Jason Newsted. He is scheduled to perform a solo concert on June 6 in Hollywood. Jade, who was born in Massachusetts, made a string of X-rated videos with titles like Tricked by an Angel and The Sopornos after pictures of her in a tryst with Jerry Springer were published in 1998.

Porner Kendra Jade

I wonder if homeboy knows that his wifey is a high-$$$ escort on the side?

Nice ass, though...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting entry. I was surprised she was still soliciting as recently as September... Once a porner always a porner, I suppose. I guess Congratulations are in order. Lukass has expressed wanting to have a Catholic wedding this summer...Good luck with that!

Zartan said...

Yeah, I hope he's not too heartbroken when he finds out.


Anonymous said...

Love this particular post and your snarky comments.

Dr. Nono said...

Some funny stuff here.

ElmerFudd said...

That ass has seen a lot of action-including Bible action in her Ass Clown porno flick.