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Lara Roxx Timeline Begs Questions: Darren James got it from Lara Roxx, not the other way around?

This is some fucked-up bullshit.

I got this off, 1 of my favorite porno news/gossip sites.

Everbody was blaming Darren James 4 the HIV spread in '04, but it looks like it was really Lara Roxxx's fault.

If u go 2 the site, look @ the famous "Ass Picture" of that scene. Here's another 1.



Lara Roxx Timeline Begs Questions
Darren James got it from Lara Roxx, not the other way around?
by Gene Ross, 5/27/2007, 6:56 AM PST

Porn Valley- I've always been of the belief that Lara Roxx was the one who gave Darren James HIV and not the other way around. And, if it went down that way, it occurred in Canada, February, 2004. But AIM and the industry has held to the account that Roxx acquired HIV in April, 2004 after doing a scene with James, March 24. By the time that scene in March took place, Roxx had already acquired a puss-infested ass, and Adultfyi printed a photo of that. In May, 2004, Dick Tracey appeared on KSEX, and I wrote the following story:5/8/2004: Porn Valley- I've been suggesting to people all along that Lara Roxx, not Darren James, is Patient Zero in this whole HIV flap. And Wankus' interview with Dick Tracey Friday night on KSEX, gives me even more reason to believe that.

For one thing, Tracey lends credence to the Roxx ass picture that has appeared on the one where Roxx's anal tract appears to be housing a leper colony. Roxx is claiming she got that rash the day after she worked with Darren James which is utter nonsense. Roxx had that condition the day she worked with James, and here's what Tracey had said to Wankus.Noting that he hasn't worked with any of the people who's worked with the people on the quarantine list, Tracey said he got lucky in that instance. "But I've got a fucked up story," said Tracey, referring to Roxx. Tracey said he could have worked with Roxx approximately the time she worked with James, that Roxx was a step-in for another girl who didn't show up. "She showed up on set and me being the picky bastard that I am, I'm, who the fuck is this? This wasn't the girl I was supposed to work with." Tracey's woman Cailley Taylor who was also on The Wanker Show piped in by saying that Roxx was ugly and that's why Tracey had his reservations. Tracey said another girl was also on the set talking to Roxx in the dressing room. Tracey was called over and the girl pulled Roxx's pants down. "She [Roxx] had lesions."

Tracey said he saw the picture on and confirmed that was Roxx. "When I saw that I said no fucking way am I working with that. I called Aria who was down the street. She saved my fucking life. I called her up and she came over and did the scene." Wankus wondered what was Roxx's reaction to Tracey's reaction. "She said that she got waxed and got this rash after she did a double anal scene with Darren. I've waxed my chest and stuff and I've never seen anything like that. It looked like the worst case of herpes I had ever seen." Wankus relayed the information that the Roxx picture was allegedly taken the same day she worked with James. However it was a photo shot during a "recreational" scene. Tracey said that Roxx supposedly showed up to "a certain interracial porn company" to do an interview to get work. "They took her in the back and d.p.'d her off camera for fun and someone brought a camera in."

Wankus said he had been told that Roxx had been turned down by other male performers, noting her condition but that James said he didn't give a fuck because he was known to have herpes anyway. "This is what I heard." Tracey said he saw the Roxx picture before it got posted on and knew for a fact it was legitimate. "I know what I saw."Wankus asked Tracey if Roxx had been the same cunt Gene Ross discovered her to be. Tracey said that wasn't his experience."But she had all these stupid excuses that you always hear that are always the red light," Tracey said. "She got a little pissed off because her agent was there. He was the one who seemed pissed off because I didn't want to work with his girl. But I didn't give a fuck." Tracey said Roxx' agent is David Hope [of Ecstasy Models], and Wankus made a note to remind every girl in the business never to work for him. For his part, Tracey said he didn't think that Hope knew. "To be honest he didn't seem like he really had his shit together like most agents."

Then, on May 17,2004, I wrote the following: Porn Valley- Based on some phone conversations I had this weekend, I'm more convinced now than ever that this whole HIV thing had its origins in Canada and not Brazil. Darren James, as you'll recall, worked with Lara Roxx in Canada in February but all information we've been getting so far has been circling a date around March 24. By the way, has anyone produced a copy of Roxx's HIV test from that Canadian shoot in February? I'm told that James has allegedly confided in at least one producer that he's worked for to say that he didn't get HIV in Brazil. "I've done something I shouldn't have done," James is quoted as saying, James allegedly stating that he probably got it in Canada. Roxx, I've been told by another source, also worked as an escort in Vegas for awhile. Which leads to a number of questions from the person who told me this story about James' alleged dark secret. "No one's pinpointing anything to Brazil, they're just pointing a finger to Brazil and Brazil is saying fuck you," my source tells me. I had tip upon tip there was a Canadian scene with James. But AIM would never confirm it.

In an interview with The Montreal Mirror, the facts have now come out of Roxx's own mouth. She indeed worked with James up in Canada: According to the Montreal Mirror, in an article from 2004: "Roxx filmed her first-ever anal scene with Darren James on February 10. Roxx says she and producer Marc Anthony got along well. "He was being all friendly but James really didn't like me. I thought he was really ugly and I didn't want to do it with him. I'm attracted to black men but not Darren James, he's just not cute and he has an ugly face. We did the scene and it just got worse. I was trying to take my time to relax and feel safe about it and he was just trying to get it done, in and out."

Roxx, of, course, worked again with James the following month, and The Age had this to say:"As a nod to safety, it was accepted procedure for performers to show each other their test results - conducted every 30 days - to show that they were clean. Which is what happened on March 24, as Roxx prepared to film a scene that required anal penetration by two partners, Darren James and Marc Anthony. Roxx says Anthony showed her his test results, but not James. "I wasn't experienced enough to go up to people and ask them for their test," Roxx said. "The only person that showed me their test before we had a sexual relation was, unfortunately, Marc Anthony." The obvious question to be asked in all of this, is: if Roxx had worked with James previously as she confirms in the Mirror article, how could she later declare ignorance, claiming she didn't know she was supposed to ask for someone's test. Could it possibly be that Roxx didn't have a test during that February shoot, or was already pronounced HIV? After all, James is alleged to have told a producer he did something very bad in Canada. The something very bad could be one of two things- working with someone who hadn't produced a test; or working with someone who had HIV.

In April, 2004 I also wrote the following: If Lara Roxx was hoping to generate any sympathy within the adult community, that opportunity certainly evaporated like an outdoor hockey rink in July. contacted Roxx, a French Canadian, in the wake of the AIM announcement this afternoon that Roxx had tested HIV positive. But Roxx wasn't hearing anything about interviews unless it was benefiting her pocket book. Roxx clearly stipulated that she'd like to see some money up front before she said anything. "I am not going to answer any questions," Roxx said in a thick Canadian accent. "But if you ask questions about asking me questions then I'm willing to answer those questions. But if you want to make some kind of money with my life and make it a story, I need to..."

Gene: I think it's a little bit more serious than that I'm afraid.

Roxx: Yeah, as long as you take my life seriously then we can talk.

Gene: Yeah. I've been a reporter in this business for about 18 years and have been through just about every crisis this industry has faced. I assume today that you got the news from AIM.

Roxx: I did.

Gene: You've only been in the business a very short time from what I understand.

Roxx: Yeah, that's a question though.Gene: But I made a statement. Roxx: That's true. That's a fact, yes.

Gene: What's going through your mind right now?

Roxx: Right now what's going through my mind? I'm not going to answer that question. [Laughs] I don't want any articles to come out on me. And this is not an interview.

Gene: You can't make those rules.

Roxx: What?

Gene: I'm afraid that you can't make those rules.

Roxx: Okay, then I can hang up on you, though.

Gene: Yes you can [And she did]


IMHO, I've always believed Lara Roxxx was "Patient 0" in this bullshit, but because of the racism in pornoland, it was more convienient 2 blame James instead of Roxxx, who was supposed 2 b hookin (w/o condoms, no less) out of a seedy hotel in Canada.

Damnit, biatch!

U fucked up AOLT of people!!

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