Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Documentary Explores Fight Against Internet Porn...

Here's news on a film trying 2 regulate porn on the web.

As long as it ONLY goes after animal & child porners, I'm all for it.

Documentary Explores Fight Against Internet Porn

WWW- [NY Press]- "Traffic Control: The People's War on Internet Porn," is a new film documentary film from Living Biography, outlining the case for stronger laws against smut-peddling in the face of legal challenges to the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), which has been struck down by the courts three times since 1998. The movie takes a clear stance in opposition to the prevalence of Internet porn, but beyond its slant the film also looks at the efforts of activist Ralph Yarro to create the Internet Community Port Act, a piece of legislation supporters state would make internet porn regulation possible without infringing on the First Amendment.

The proposal, also known as the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative, would use the existing infrastructure of the web to categorize online content through different port ranges or channels: one for general content and another for pornography. "The solution will enable personal choice in your Internet experience and protect the critical rights granted under the First Amendment," said Yarro."We decided to make this film after hearing about Ralph's initiative," said director Bryan Hall. "What came loud and clear from the people we interviewed was first, online adult content is everywhere, and second, they were open to new approaches to regulating this content. What we learned was shocking--the inability to effectively manage this type of content has dramatic social and business ramifications for our society. We realized this was an issue that demanded broader exposure."

A follow-up film is slated for release in Spring 2008.

On a lighter note, isn't porn what the internet is for?


Uh, yeah! Why else do most people surf the damn web?

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