Tuesday, May 08, 2007

F*ck Animal & Child Porners!

This shit is SICK!


Icelandic Bestiality Porn Site Shut Down by Gendarmes
Iceland Review

Iceland- An Icelandic website allegedly containing child and animal pornography along with photographs of dead bodies was closed down by police yesterday. The owner is being investigated for distribution child pornography. Police became aware of the website’s existence after the news department on TV channel Stöd 2 began researching it yesterday, Fréttabladid reports.The site is hosted by internet company Hive, which asked the owner to close it down according to police orders.

It is not possible to access the website anymore, but those who try find a blank page with the message: “The site is gone. The Internet police found it. Maybe it will be back – who knows?”

Fréttabladid would not reveal the URL of the website.


They r some sick motherfuckers out there!!

Who wants 2 c animals & kids gettin' fucked alongside pix of corpses?!


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