Friday, May 12, 2006

Make your $$$ ladies!

Damn, ladies!!

1 of the worse things that I can't stand is a dancer that doesn't know &/or care 2 make $$$.

How r u gonna talk shit about a customer that is PAYING YOUR BILLS?!

There's this dancer that I'll call... Tina.

Tina is fine as Hell, but has a real shitty atitude when it comes 2 the customers & making $$$. She thinks that her shit doesn't stink.

Tina believes that the customers should bow down 2 her & just give her $$$ w/o her having 2 work 4 it (I'm sure u have seen this type of dancer in a strip club.). And GOD FORBID if a customer happens 2 touch her thigh or leg onstage while he's tipping her in her garter belt. She throws a shit-fit & expects security 2 kick the guy out of the club.

I had 2 set her straight a few times myself (She works @ my Weekend Gig.). She had this guy she was talking 2 @ the table when she starts going off on him. He's like, "What the fuck?" All he asked was the price of a VIP Dance. She said that he was trying 2 buy the pussy. "Ted" (The guy) is a regular who's good friends w/ the management, so I doubt that he would fuck up his prime spot 4 seeing strippers.

Anyhoo, Tina's like, "Get this guy out of the building!" Then she gets in MY face.

Whoa, bitch... back the fuck up!

I point-blank told her 2 sit her ass down & shut the fuck up b4 I get her sent home!

Then she was on management's ass because of what I said. I was like, "Fuck her. She's acting like a bitch & she's fucking up everybody's $$$ by yelling @ a customer."

Usually, the management would have let this go, but this wasn't her 1st time going off on a PAYING CUSTOMER, so the management told her 2 pack her shit & go.

Tina REALLY went off then, until "Jamie" (Not her real name. I'll explain later.), who never liked her, went up 2 her & told her that if she kept acting like a bitch, she would KICK HER ASS!!


Apparently, Tina fucked 1 of the DJs working there awhile back when Jamie was fucking him 2. Jamie really liked the dude, but got pissed off @ Tina ONLY instead of both of them (That happens ALOT w/ dancers.).

Tina wisely went in2 the dressing room, followed by Jamie and 1 of the bouncers (I wouldn't bother w/ it.), packed her shit & left (She wasn't fired.). Then Jamie went over 2 Ted, apologized 4 Tina, & got the VIP Dance that would have been Tina's had she not been a bitch.

Sweet Revenge.

More in a few...

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