Friday, May 12, 2006

DAMN! It's been awhile!!

Man, I know it's been awhile (almost a month!), but I had 2 take care of things.

ALOT of DRAMA lately...

1 of which was that I thought I was gonna b a daddy w/ this FWB (Friend With Benefits), but it was a false alarm.


I want 2 b a "papa," but not right now. I gotta get my $$$ right b4 I take that leap (Even though, it can happen b4 u know it.).

Add 2 the fact that I've haven't been getting all of my days recently (Whcih is REALLY fuckin' w/ my cash flow.) & the fact that my car broke down & well...

Needless 2 say, I had other things on my mind besides this blog.

More 2 "cum" in a sec...

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