Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm n luv w/ a Stripper: A Dancer's View...

When dancers "Fall in Luv"...

2 me, it's more trouble than it's worth.

When u get "involved" w/ a co-worker, & u BOTH happen 2 b dancers & BOTH of u happen 2 b FEMALE, well... that invites TROUBLE!

There r these 2 dancers I'll call "Misty" & "Cherish."

They met @ the club. They got attached REAL QUICK. That often happens "behind the scenes," dancer get 2 know each other, then they hepl each other, then they move in w/ each other 2 share the bills, then...


U have alot of bisexuality in strip clubs, w/ many girls "munchin' on the carpet" as it were.

Misty & Cherish would team up 2 do parties & share customers & everything. A a matter of fact, if 1 girl got in a jam in the club, or if another dancer tried 2 fight 1, they would come 2 each other's defense in a heartbeat. A "defense mechanism" as it were...

All was fine & dandy until...

A guy walked in the picture.

Now from the guy's perspective, he thinks he's gettting 2 girls 4 a 3some.


Girls that date r HIGHLY protective of each other & their relationship, @ least 2 each other's face. The problem is when they cheat on each other.

So Misty starts screwing this guy I'll call "Sam." He comes in2 the club every once in a while, so he was known. Well when he comes in, they get real cozy w/ each other. Of course Cherish sees this & is ready 2 rumble. Cherish gets in2 Misty's face & tells her 2 get away from Sam. Misty says no, that they r just talkin' & Sam was gonna get a dance. Cherish calls her a liar & starts going off on Sam.

He's not having that shit.

So he goes off of Cherish, which causes Misty 2 get on Sam's case. Well Sam's like, "Tell her we've been fuckin."


Cherish hauls off & nails Misty in the jaw. She staggers b4 she hurls herself @ Cherish. This causes Sam 2 get invovled, @ least b4 the bouncers get Sam away from them. Then they pull aprt the "Battlin' Babes." I'm in The DJ Booth laughin' my ass off (It was on my Weekday Gig.) because I've seen this happen a hundred times.

After the ladies r broken up, they r told 2 go home 4 the night. Misty gets a ride from Sam & Cherish calls a cab home. I'm still laughing because Cherish always gets like that when she's messing w/ another stripper.


Words of Advice:

If u r a stripper & u date another stripper, make sure she works @ a different club than YOU!

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