Friday, May 12, 2006

Lost her Sugar Daddy!!

Here's another story about a dancer that fucks up her own $$$.

"Candi" had this older dude who was paying her OUT THE ASS!! He would tip her 100's of $$$ in the club (& more outside the club 4 "Privates.") & wouldn't tip any other dancers in the club. Hell, she got him 2 only come in when she worked!

Candi was working it.

Here's how she fucked it up.

"Bob" would always like 2 talk 2 Candi about his life & likes & such. Alot of it was "private info" & not 4 anyone else 2 know. Some old guys get like that. They r basically renting out a "sympathetic ear" 2 talk 2 & 2 share w/. There's nothing wrong w/ that, but u have 2 be careful who u tell your business 2.

Well, Candi starts telling everyone that Bob likes a dildo in his ass. Now, if that floats his boat & he's paying u 2 do it, then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT IT!

Now keep in mind that Bob is basically paying 4 all of Candi's bills, by his damn self. 4 example, if Candi doesn't feel like going 2 work 1 day, she doesn't have 2, Bob has her back 4 that day. If she needs a new cellphone, Bob buys it. If she need $$$ 2 give 2 her boyfriend (Which, of course, Bob doesn't know about.), Bob gives it 2 her.

While talking w/ 1 of the bouncers he's in good w/, my partner let it slip that Candi was talking smack behind his back. & told him about "the dildo remark."

Bob was real cool about it, & said that she was lying.

He shortly left the club.

Alittle while later, he calls up Candi. I don't know what he said 2 her, but it was enough 2 send Candi in2 tears.
Since then, Bob's been chillin' w/ "Sunny" & has been giving her all the luv.

He won't even talk 2 Candi anymore & won't look @ her when she's in the club. Candi, however, stares enviously @ Sunny & her new "Sugar Daddy," knowing full well that she fucked up a great thing.

The Golden Rule: The Man w/ the GOLD makes the rules, so don't fuck w/ him!

Candi wish she didn't!


Biff Romoray said...

I agree that the one with the gold makes the rules. I myself have a sugar mama. Now the same rules do not apply. I still make the rules. I tell her what to do, when to do it and who to report to after she's done it. I've got her so dizzy running around trying to please me, I am actually getting nauseas from the non stop whisking away to exotic destinations. My closet is jam packed with Italian clothing I cannot pronounce. My friends and family are more at home on her estate then her four children (Biff doesn't love the chidlren, so I have asked her to put them on the back burner). It is a rockin good life having a sugar mama. Especially one that is desperate to please me in EVERY arena, if you know what Biff means!

Zartan said...

U go, boy! Do the damn thang!