Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Glory" holes...

If u ever been in 1 of those filthy video booths @ the back of an adult bookstore (Not all adult bookstores r sleazy & dirty 2 b honest.) & wondered what those little holes in the booths were 4, well...

They r 4 "anonymous" fellatio! Or "Head" or "Brains" or "D*ck suckin'."

Believe it or not!

People actually stick their penises in those holes in hopes that the person in the next booth, be it woman or MAN will, how shall I say, "Polish the knob." It's a big thing in the Gay community, 4 the 1's that partake in that. Much like "Gay sex" in a park's bathroom.

I don't know what's so "Glorious" about it, though.

Now u r prolly asking, "Zartan, how do u know all of this?"

I used 2 work @ the Old "Treasure Box" on the corner of Bessemer Ave. & Lindsey in G'boro, which was a "Hot Spot" 4 that type of activity back in the day.

Yeah, I know ALOT of sh*t that goes on in G'boro...



Anonymous said...

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Kanishk | कनिष्क said...

I never thought that I would come across the blog of a stripper and that so nicely written.
I liked your idea to put fwd ur views. BTW I never thought that some strippers would think that they r ugly..kind of surprising.
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Zartan said...

Thanks 4 the info, Kanishk. That "Blog Spam" was starting 2 get on my last nerves.