Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How does A&T's Homecoming affect the strip clubs in Greensboro?

Not much if u r a "White club." But if u r an owner/manager of a "Black club," u r gonna make a killin', which I heard that the Black strips clubs in the city did from mutual friends in the industry.

I heard that "Sugar Bares" was charging $30.00 a head 4 the homecoming weekend!


I hear that "The Players Club" (owned by White owner Johnny Walters) made some nice $$$, 2. But I also heard that when it was "The Platinum Club," a White strip club, that it CLOSED 4 Homecoming weekend in the past. It also roped off its parking lot so no one could park in it.

Damn Johnny, why the change?


Now THAT'S alooooooot of BOOTY!

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